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Tru-Test HD Heavy Duty Loadbars

HD Series

HD Series load bars are designed for permanent installation under squeeze chutes and crushes. Their unique mounting system protects the load cells against the high lateral loads that occur in fixed installations. HD load bars are available in two lengths (34" or 39") with a height of 4" -- Capacity per pair is 6600 lbs

Tru test HD

HD series loadbars are robust and well suited to heavy duty loads and heavy duty usage.
The Unique HD Series foot assembly design absorbs the extreme side loads generated by large animals running into the ends of crates. The shock absorbing foot allows the HD loadbars to be permanently installed under cattle crushes.
Hot dipped galvanized loadbar housing provides good protection in the very corrosive agricultural environment.
The loadcell is well sealed against moisture allowing usage in outdoor applications while ensuring a long and accurate working life.
Extension cables are available if required.
The aircraft grade aluminium loadcell is strong and lightweight.

Part No.
 HD-850 Loadbars 
 6,600 lb 
 76 lb  
34" x 4" H
 HD-1010 Loadbars 
 6,600 lb 
 92 lb
39" x 4" H 






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