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Tru-Test MP Multi Purpose Loadbars

MP Series load bars are designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including under cattle platforms, sheep crates, wool presses and other multi-purpose applications.

They are portable and can be easily moved to different weigh sites. MP load bars are available in three lengths.

Set of (2) loadbars made for use with Tru-test indicators.

Designed for portability. With a firm and level surface, it's quick and easy to set up this scale.

Multi purpose loadbars come in three sizes: 23", 32" and 39". Coated to resist corrosion.

Tru test MP

805122  MP-600 Loadbars 
23" x 4" H
 33 lb
805123  MP-800 Loadbars 
32" x 4" H
 48 lb
805124  MP-1010 Loadbars 
39" x 4" H
 53 lb







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